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Photography has become my life.  After quitting a career in Sales I discovered my passion, Wildlife and Nature Fine-Art Photography. 


Although I live in Cape Town I travel to various destinations throughout Africa to ensure that all my photographs are taken of animals in their natural habitat.  I do not use bait or camera traps,  nor do I photograph any animal in captivity.


I am a firm believer that no animal should be held captive unless they have been rescued and in the process of being rehabilitated.  The exploitation of animals should be abhorrent to every right-minded person.  Every single creature is fascinating and I can sit for hours waiting to capture the essence of an animal or the perfect moment in the right light.   I would love to share my prints with you so that you can enjoy those moments as much as I did.

I also hope to inspire people to travel to Africa and experience the beauty of this diverse continent.

Fine Art Prints
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